At the Board Meeting July 8th it was decided there would be no Garden Tour and Picnic this year as last years was poorly attended AND more importantly we have many details to resolve with our 2017 SHOW Location changing from Furney’s to Volunteer Park Conservatory. In Lieu of the picnic there WILL be an August meeting on Thursday August 10th in the small classroom at the Seattle Police Athletic Association Office (SPAA) site at 11030 East Marginal Way South, Tukwila.

Here are the DRAFT minutes from the July meeting of the ECA by Sue Joyner:

Minutes, ECA Meeting, July 13, 2017

The chrysanthemum club meeting brought to order at 7:05 PM. It was held in the portable next to the Hall.. Present were Mark Ross, Madeline West from Kitsap Club, Bob Ewing, Richard Thompson, Ronnie Elliot, John Harden, June Kubo, Steve Backstrom, Sydney Ogilvie, Mas Tamekuni, Heidi Garman, Erica Harris, Kris Stephens, Steve Joyner, Susan Joyner, Rich Aldrich and Jill Aldrich.
Cultural presentation:
Removing laterals – Chrysanthemums inherently want to be a bush. To prevent the bush effect and make the final bloom(s) stronger laterals must be removed. Laterals grow above the leaf nodes and must be snapped off to the side.
Taking the bud – A bud will form on the growing tip of the main stock of the plant. As soon as the bud is the size of a pea
Refer to the June and July cultural notes for more details
CAREFULLY remove all laterals around the base of the bud.
Business meeting:
Previous meeting minutes were approved
Board of director meeting minutes were read and approved
Treasurer’s report: Sydney Ogylvie reported a balance of $7095.94 in all ECA accounts – approved
Committee sign up: Committee sign-up sheets with committee descriptons were passed around the room for volunteer sign up
Meeting location: Erika Harris reported that she had attended the SPAA board meeting and secured a meeting location for ECA for free for perpetuity. We will continue to meet in the SPAA class room space the second Thurs night of the month.
Yearbook: Mark Ross to have a rough draft of the year book completed within the next few days
2018 slate of officers: A nomination committee was formed consisting of Kris Stephens, Sue Joyner, Ron Elliot and Mark Ross. The nominating committee will have a slate of officers for the 2018 year.
2017 Show and banquet dates and locations: Show dates – Nov 2nd – 5th at volunteer park conservatory. Banquet to be held on Nov 16th at Angelo’s in Burien
Other calendar dates: The annual tour has been cancelled for this summer. We will have a regular meeting in August. Club plant sale dates are March 8th and April 9th at our regular meeting time. Public plant sale dates are to be determined based upon conservatory availability
Volunteer park liason – Kris Stephens, Erika Harris, Bob Ewing to meet with Dave Helgeson, Volunteer park to discuss show set up. What do other shows look like? What kind of presentations? What does their set up look like?
Show needs:
• Box of Name tags
• Tags
• Cross reference sheets
• Show Publication changes – membership forms, show program, advertising, plant sale notices
• Tie wraps
• ECA presentation
Meeting was adjourned about 9:10pm.

Please refer to July & August (combined) cultural notes for the August to do list.