ECA Cultivars 2012 from Mark Ross

Here is the updated cultivar listing discussed at last ECA meeting. I updated it to include the new varieties in this year’s Kings Catalogue.

There are many varieties without pinch dates. As mentioned at the ECA meetings on many occasions, when I do not have a pinch date, I look at similar classed varieties and make a guess.

Generally, I stop plants on about five major dates give or take a week. These dates are March 15, April 15, May 1, May 15, or June 1.

If I do two stops, for the late bloomers it is a combination of March 5 to 15 for first pinch and May 5 to 10 for second pinch or else April 1 for first pinch and June 1 for second pinch.

ECA-Cultivars-2012 Pinch Dates

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