Seattle, Washington
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MEETING OF THE ECA – THURSDAY MAY 9th, 2019 at 7 PM at the Seattle Police Athletic Association Office (SPAA) site; 11030 East Marginal Way South, Tukwila. We meeting the small south class room on the right of the driveway.

Dues for 2019
“Last call – fair warning”. Please pay up, if this has not been done yet, or you cannot enter your blooms in our show in November.


The following supplies will be available at the May ECA meeting:

M&R mix

Early Season fertilizer

Late season Fertilizer

Plant tags

Plant starts

Cultural presentation:  Heidi Garman will share information about her growing process.  She gardens using organic fertilizers and pesticides.  Other cultural topics will include soil composition, potting-up & stopping dates 

Please bring any left over plants to the May Meeting as some members may still want some cultivars.

Mintues from the April Meeting:

In attendance:  

Cultural Presentation

Business Meeting

1) Approve and Second the January meeting minutes – No February meeting and No March minutes

2) Treasurers report by Sydney Ogilvie

Balance – $6144.75

3) Old Business

a) Satellite North Update – Steve Joyner

In contact with Jan Hunt – nothing new to report

c) Missing Trophies – Best Bloom Non-Member, Best vase of 3 incurves, Garden Variety Challenge

Steve Joyner to look into options

Heidi Garmen suggested replating the trophies

d)  FB administrator changed from Kris Stevens to Sue Joyner advertising on FB page

e) Public plant sale – April 13, 2019 10 am to 2 pm 

  i) postcards were mailed, Facebook promotions on ECA website were updated weekly, 

VPC promotion was created; advertising in the newspaper 

ii) Cube is to be delivered to Mark Ross’s address on Friday at 8 pm

iii) Public plant sale prices $3.00 cash, $3.50 with Credit card

iv) meet at VPC on Friday at 10 am to set up for plant sale – bring your starts

v) clean up after plant sale – Ron to take any remaining starts

New Business

ECA Polo Shirts – any interest?  – Steve Joyner to look into options