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Thousand Bloom Chrysanthemum & ECA Proposal

A member forwarded this link to Longwood Grows 11-Foot Chrysanthemum ECA is interested in growing a Thousand Bloom Mum. Here is a primer on what it takes as cultivated at Longwood Gardens

ECA President John Harden is proposing that ECA grow a “Thousand Bloom Chrysanthemum” to exhibit in the Seattle Area. Attached is a proposal for ECA Member review. Suggestions, feedback and comments are very desirable.

1000 bloom proposal

Club Mascot – Connie Mayhew

Most of our members grow "Connie" every year

Most of our members grow “Connie” every year

Come to our Spring Plant Sale at Furney’s Nursery in Des Moines, Washington, April 12, 2014 for an amazing selection of mums or come to one of our meetings and learn some of our techniques for growing Mums.

Richard’s Oil Painting

Richard Blaisdell brought this beautiful oil painting of Vienna Waltz 10-P to our July 2012 meeting. If only all my mums looked this good!

Pictures from November Banquet at Angelos in Burien

Vicky (Charm)


Penine 29-R


Rebecca Walker 25-Y


Peach Courtier 24-AOC


Max Riley 23-Y


Kermit 18 -AOC