Hi All

October is STILL a busy month!!

Seattle, Washington

SHOWTIME! Please contact RICHARD ALDRICH to sign up for show duties.

No ECA MEETING in November but our banquet IS scheduled for
Thursday November 12th at Angelo’s 601 SW 153rd in
In Burien. No host bar at 6 PM and Dinner at 7 PM.
Please sign up and pay Sydney Ogilvie.
– Entree choices are 6oz Sirloin, Chicken Parmigiana, or Vegetarian Lasagna; Coffee, Tea & Spumoni Ice Cream. Cost is $24.00

ANNUAL FLOWER SHOW The E.C.A. annual flower show will be held Friday October 30, from 2-5 PM and Saturday October 31 9AM – 5 PM & Sunday, November 1 from 10 AM- 3PM at Furney’s Nursery , 21215 International Blvd. Pacific Highway (99). Wednesday, Oct 28th is set-up from 1 PM – 5 PM, Thursday for entries & bloom prep from 9 AM – 6 PM. Tear down is Sunday from 3 PM – 6 PM. We must be out of Furney’s by 6 pm on Sunday.

We need Judge’s Helpers and Hosting on Fri, Sat, and Sunday. The Show provides a great way to get to know Club members and learn more about Chrysanthemums.

If you have any questions about the show, please contact Ron Elliott our Show Steward or Don Stark – Show Chairman We’ll have copies of the show rules, entry form and name tags for the show at Furney’s (and hopefully at our October meeting.)


Last year’s Trophy winners please bring your clean trophies and give them to Ron Elliot who will prepare them for this year’s Awards Banquet. If you have not given him your trophy yet, please contact Ron to make arrangements.

Also: BRING your late maturing blooms for display at the ECA awards dinner.


We’re rapidly approaching the time once again to vote for the 2014 ECA Board of Directors/Officers. Recent members are encouraged to fill positions and get involved; seasoned club members will provide assistance. Members will vote on new Officers during our Dec. 10th meeting.

Here is the Draft of the October Meeting Minutes as
Taken by Don Stark

Minutes, ECA Monthly Meeting, October 8, 2015 (Draft)
The meeting was called to order at 7:05 p.m. by Don Stark with 14 members present.

New procedure for the minutes: The usual format for handling meeting minutes was to hold them until approved at the next meeting. Don Stark after communicating with several members has found that some Board members and others would like to see the minutes sooner. So Starting with the September, the minutes will be identified as Draft minutes. Stark (Secretary0 will mail the Draft minutes to the Ad. Board members and to Steve Backstrom who will include the draft minutes in the following month’s meeting announcement for all to see and review. Members are urged to review the draft minutes before the next meeting . The draft minutes will then be adopted as presented or with alterations approved at the meeting.

When the minutes are then approved, the secretary will file the approved minutes in the club records with Draft classification removed.

Horticulture—presented by Ron Elliott
• All the blooms are late this year due to the summer heat that can

Business Meeting: -Secretary’s Report:

“stop” the flower development.
• Ron demonstrated using stakes to straighten blooms. Caution is

urged because it is easy to snap off a bloom.
• Peeling back the green leaves next to the bud can make it open

• Grooming the bloom can be done before showing.

The draft minutes from the September meeting were approved as published in the Oct.

meeting notice . Stark will file the approved minutes in the club records

Approval of the September minutes was moved, seconded and passed. Treasurer’s Report(as of Sept. 30) -Sidney Ogilvie

-Checking Account balance: $3,315.48

-Savings Account balance: -Cash on hand :

​Grand Total
At the conclusion of Sidney’s report, she noted that the checking account balance was larger than the savings account balance. After a short review with 3 prior Treasurers it was agreed that the Treasurer probably could move some of the money to the savings account while maintaining a balance in the checking account to cover planned short to medium term expenses such as the Show and Banquet expenses. It was noted that the major expense for the month was for show ribbons.
Approval of the Treasurer’s report was moved, seconded and passed.

$2,740.75 $ 228.35

​ $ 6,284.58

Flower Show:

• Hostess sign-up sheet circulated (Need more help)
• Set up helpers sign up circulated (Need more help)
• Sign up for Judging assistants circulated.(We need more help so keep

us in mind)
• Banquet sign up sheet circulated. (Call Sidney Ogilive or Steve

Backstrum to sign up. Price is $24.00 per person.
• Nancy Halleen is preparing a memorial table for Mike Kubo and Sekiko Yates Nancy requested any pictures involving Mike and Sekiko with their winning mums be sent to her so she can set up

a memorial display.
• Aldrichs have flyers ready for distribution and members took them

for posting.
• Don Stark reviewed the schedule, Wed. through Sun.
• Publicity: The papers will be contacted next week.
• Hospitality table plans were reviewed by Nancy Halleen. A sign-up

sheet was circulated.
• Entry tags: White is for regular entries, yellow is for novices. Don

S. reviewed the procedure for completing the tags.
• Entry form: This form lists all entries by one person and must be

completed before judging.
• There are some plants in our possession that were given to members

but not started by members. Those flowers/plants will have a

special area for display, but they are not eligible for club awards. Meeting adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

Respectfully , Becky Cox, Secretary pro tem and Don Stark, Chairman pro tem.

Good luck to all at the show and I will look forward to seeing you all

at the banquet.

Steve Backstrom