Want to Join ECA?

Annual membership is $15.00 per person or $20.00 per household payable to our treasurer. You can come to one of our monthly meetings to join or let us know of your interest.

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  1. Sue Joyner says:

    Mr Muhammad Raza Khan, Our club propagates plants only from cuttings. I hope you are able to find resources for the seeds you are interested in obtaining. Happy gardening!

  2. Dear Sir/Madam,
    The Edible Flowers Society of Pakistan is working to establish a Chrysanthemum & Carnation Courtyard where all plants will be displayed in pots. Here in Pakistan there are only a few cut flower varieties of Chrysanthemums available. We want to introduce AYR varieties of mums among gardening enthusiasts.
    Kindly support our efforts by sending us a few packets of seeds of different colours. We will propagate these seeds and then will prepare its stock for distribution among gardeners.
    Your kind support will enable us to introduce/promote AYR mums in Pakistan.
    Kind Regards
    Muhammad Raza Khan
    Edible Flower Society of Pakistan

  3. Sue Joyner says:

    Emily, We have emailed membership information to you

  4. Emily Mitchell says:

    Would love to join

  5. Sue Joyner says:

    I will send ECA membership information to the email provided

  6. H Robinson says:

    I’d like to join!

  7. Sue Joyner says:

    Joyce, I will send ECA membership information to the email provided.

  8. Sue Joyner says:

    Cindy, I will send ECA membership information to the email provided.

  9. Cindy says:

    Hi. I’d like to join.

  10. Joyce Schwartz says:

    I am interested in joining the ECA, but am out of State. How do I go about joining

  11. Fion says:

    Hi can I send a check to you for my membership? Please email me if preferred, thanks!

  12. Fion says:

    Hi I would like to join ECA, can I send a check to you for my membership? Please contact me via email if preferred. Thanks!

  13. Hongqing says:

    I’d love to support this organization through purchasing varieties. When will you conduct sales?

  14. Deborah Poe says:

    hello! you gave me a piece of paper with growing instructions on it that also included your email address if I had any questions. I have some questions and am hoping we could connect by email. I bought 3 different cultivars at the Volunteer Park sale last late winter/early spring.

    I’ve basically let 2 of the plants grow way too tall (I think) without cutting them/replanting. 1 of the plants, even though I did the same thing with it, split into the 3 stems. but I’m just not sure how to best regroup here, after watching videos.

    I don’t seem to be finding super helpful or on point videos, though I did just find this one this morning: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UxFc8cgZNhM

  15. Sue Joyner says:

    Jane, We would love to hear your story. I recall Ed and Maudie Hodgson. Thank you for thinking of us. Sue

  16. Sue Joyner says:

    Thank you for your inquiry. I called and left a phone message for you at the number you provided. Please give me a call at 360-303-8284. I’d love to chat with you. Looking forward to your call. Susan Joyner – Evergreen Chrysanthemum Association President

  17. Ronnie G McElwaney says:

    If you could please call me at 206-898-5914
    I have a question that like to ask. You can reach me at any time during the week for i am stuck in my home.Thank you very much
    My name is Ronnie McElwaney

  18. I discovered this year this surprising flower. Surprising because of the extreme long time of metamorphosis of each single blossom. I have very much to learn, even my first results are just breathtaking in my eyes. How I can be a member and how I can pay you for the membership?
    Living in a warm country, in Tuscany/Italy I noticed that even after frightening fall storms and several days of very heavy rain my Chrysanthemums are still in impeccable shape. Unfortunately here in Italy this flower is associate only with mourning and I hope to be able to move a little this direction of view in my area. I’m a doll maker and will not plant them commercially but insert this plants in my garden for public access.
    Thank you very much for help,
    Kindest wishes,

  19. Jane Sharpe says:

    Hi there
    My name is Jane Sharpe after whom the bloom is named. I am 87 years old this year.

    If you are interested I could write a commentary with pictures which could be of interest to your society. This would include our association wiyj the breeder of the Mum and Ed and Maudie Hodgson.



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